Walk Around- Expert sleight of hand for all occasions. Company picnics, holiday parties, weddings or bar/bat mitzvah. Adam’s close up magic is a thing to behold. Using money, cards, wallets and watches Adam creates spectacular moments of awe right before your eyes.
Children’s Show- Whether it's a Fair, Library, Birthday Party or an Assembly, Adam delivers a high energy laugh a minute show. Empowering children and making them the stars, Adam teaches the children that with imagination any thing is possible.
Restaurant- Working in the restaurant field already for some of CT’s finest establishments, Adam is able to bring his knowledge and magic to work for your restaurant. Working a crowd waiting for seats or table hopping while they wait for their food, Adam can do it all. Expert balloon sculptures for the kids too.
Stand Up Comedy Show- Your event will be the talk of the town when Adam shows that magic and comedy are the perfect match. Your audience won’t know what hit them as they laugh so hard they cry, and that’s when Adam socks it to them with a stunning effect that puts them down for the count.


Balloon Party- Adam is a professional balloon sculptor with over 75 different sculptures in his lineup. Including bunnies, elephants, crazy hats, t-rex and large sculptures like Pluto, Willie Coyote and the Road Runner. Adam can do walk around balloon sculptures, work a line of over 200 children and a entire balloon party. A great add on for the end of a birthday show.